Terms and Conditions

Extra hour in a day competition


Gig App Ltd registered in England and Wales; Company Number 9703490, Registered Address; 3 Albion Court, Albion Place, London W6 OQT sets out the following terms and conditions in relation to the “Extra hour in a day” competition.

  1. Duration – Registration for this competition must be on or before 3rd July 2016 to be eligible to be in with a chance of winning. Gig App ltd has the right to close this competition or extend this competition at any time.
  2. Registration – To register applicants must provide a full and accurate email address via the registration form on gigtogig.co.uk. Applicants must only apply for themselves and are therefore not allowed to apply on behalf of other people. Only one entry per person allowed. Entering more than once will not increase a person’s chance of winning.
  3. Entry Restrictions – If an individual is chosen as a winner but does not comply with the points below Gig App ltd. has the right to remove them from the competition and award them no prize.
    1. Applicants must be over the age of 18 and own a current UK bank account.
    2. Applicants must hold an EU passport or National Identify card. A national insurance number or a relevant UK visa. Entrants must have legal right to work in the UK.
  4. Prize Restrictions – Gig App Ltd. Caps the total prize fund at 2000 GBP or 277 people. In relation to point 1. Registration will be closed before the official closing date if the total prize fund or number of applicants has reached the maximum before this time. Gig App ltd. reserves the right to change the total prize fund or the number of winners at any time.
  5. Prize – Each successful winner will be given an extra hour pay to their first shift performed on Gig App. The prize is worked out at national minimum wage and so therefore each winner will receive an additional 7.20 GBP. A person must sign up and create an account on Gig App and must apply and complete one shift to be eligible to claim their prize. This 7.20GBP may be subject to relevant employment taxes and charges.